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Harcourts North America
March 30, 2023

With more and more people working remotely, the home office has become an essential feature for many homebuyers. But what are the most important features buyers are looking for when it comes to home offices? According to a recent article on Inman, there are three key features that are in high demand:

  1. Natural light: Natural light is a top priority for many homebuyers, and this is especially true when it comes to home offices. A bright and sunny workspace can boost productivity and mood, making it easier to get work done.

  2. Privacy: Whether you're taking calls or attending virtual meetings, privacy is a must-have in any home office. Buyers are looking for spaces that are quiet and isolated from the rest of the home, to ensure they can work without distractions.

  3. Built-in storage: With more people working from home than ever before, storage space is at a premium. Built-in shelves, cabinets, and desk space can help keep clutter at bay and create a more organized workspace.

Other popular home office features include high-speed internet access, comfortable seating, and a separate entrance for clients or customers.

If you're looking to sell your home, or if you're a buyer searching for the perfect home office, it's important to keep these features in mind. By prioritizing natural light, privacy, and built-in storage, you can create a space that's both functional and appealing to buyers.

And for those looking to renovate an existing space, consider investing in upgrades that will make your home office more comfortable and efficient. From new lighting fixtures to custom built-ins, the right upgrades can help you create a workspace that meets all your needs.

Whether you're buying or selling, a home office is a valuable feature in today's real estate market. By prioritizing the right features and making smart investments, you can create a space that works for you both now and in the future.